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Words of a Rebel: Origins and Development

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Translated, with introduction, by George Woodcock

First published in 1885 in Paris, this collection of articles constitutes Kropotkin’s first book. Originally titled Paroles d’un Revolté, it includes his earliest works from period 1879 to 1882. In the succeeding years it was translated into Italian, Spanish, Bulgarian, Russian, and Chinese. Long-awaited in English, Words of a Rebel is the first complete translation.

A different work from the more familiar books of the older Kropotkin, it is a product of an anarchist agitator and it derives its interest as much from what it reveals about an important transitional phase in the development of anarchism as it does for what it shows us of Kropotkin himself.

Seeing revolution as a popular insurrection, in the broadest terms, Kropotkin believed that public wealth should belong to its producers and consumers and not to the State or the rich.

This volume of Kropotkin’s articles was translated from the French by George Woodcock. A celebrated author, Woodcock is also an authority on the life and works of Peter Kropotkin and as a result, Words of a Rebel is not just a translation, but a scholarly work as well.


Table of Contents

Introduction by George Woodcock

Introduction to the First French Edition by Elisée Reclus

I. The Situation Today

II. The Breakdown of the State

III. The Inevitability of Revolution

IV. The Coming Revolution

V. Political Rights

VI. To the Young

VII. War

VIII. Revolutionary Minorities

IX. Order

X. The Commune

XI. The Paris Commune

XII. The Agrarian Question

XIII. Representative Government

XIV. Law and Authority

XV. Revolutionary Government

XVI. All of Us Socialists!

XVII. The Spirit of Revolt

XVIII. Theory and Practice

XIX. Expropriation