7985659685_942d48656a_zOn May 7th, join us for a discussion of the role gender plays in workers’ exploitation and resistance in contemporary China, looking specifically at changes in the appearance of the oppression of female workers...

Austerity is often described as an act of class war, on the part of the rich. Depending on who is talking, this assault might be described as an attack against the middle class or the working class, or any number of constituencies in capitalism’s gunsights. It affects many people; consequently specific examples can galvanize broad opposition, mass mobilizations, and … easy recuperations. Because while neoliberal austerity hits many people, it does not hit us in the same way, nor with the same force....

Riot police after entering the Da Sève Building Occupation at UQAM earlier tonite.

Riot police after entering the Da Sève Building Occupation at UQAM earlier tonite.


At we have received a number of books from AK Press and PM Press over the past few weeks — i thought some of you might be interested:

Anarchists Never Surrender:
Essays, Polemics, and Correspondence on Anarchism,

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Eurocentrism and the Communist Movement

Price: $17.95 (USD)

Learning from an Unimportant Minority

Price: $10.00 (USD)

Jailbreak Out of History

Price: $14.95 (USD)

Snidelines: Talking Trash to Power

Price: $12.00 (USD)

Fire the Cops!

Price: $20.00 (USD)

The Communist Necessity

Price: $10.00 (USD)

Basic Politics of Movement Security

Price: $7.00 (USD)

Chican@ Power and the Struggle for Aztlan

Price: $20.00 (USD)

Storm in My Heart: Memories from the Widow of Johann Most

Price: $17.95 (USD)

Birth of Our Power

Price: $18.95 (USD)

This Is Not a Photo Opportunity: The Street Art of Banksy

Price: $20.00 (USD)

Anthropology, Ecology, and Anarchism: A Brian Morris Reader

Price: $24.95 (USD)