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Sources of Contemporary Genocide

Julie Maas
458 pages
$34.51 (CAD)

A radical look at indications of contemporary genocide, focusing on France, the United States, Myanmar, Libya, Canada, Guatemala, South Africa, Sudan, Greece, Central African Republic, Ukraine, Israel/Palestine, Cameroon, Haiti, Democratic Republic of Congo, Venezuela, among other countries, and how the risk of genocide has become normalized in our thinking. These sequences of history further the recognition of genocide so we might avoid complicity and confront the atrocities of our times. An abundance of endnotes helps verify facts which government histories try to change to hide evidence of crimes. The Convention on Genocide has no statute of limitations. This book and its understandings are meant to last a long time. Inexpensive e-book versions of the work are available through most book services.

In 2001 Gerald began writing the three thousand page /, a website for the prevention of genocide where much of this work appears as sequential entries searching for why there are genocides. The artist’s images come from her notebooks of drawings and sketches for etchings and paintings through the years. In 1989 their small press of Gerald and Maas published the United Nations Convention on Genocide with supporting documents when it was out of print at the U.N.. A Canadian revised edition appeared from Ottawa in 1996 and remains online. Gerald’s early novels appeared with Viking and F. S. & G.. His short stories were widely anthologized. His teaching included two years as a Briggs Copeland Lecturer at Harvard. Maas’s artwork appeared with WIN (WRL) where she was an art director during Vietnam, FOR, Sesame Street, Scholastic, Beacon Press, Atheneum, Harcourt Brace, Knopf / Random, and Gerald & Maas. From NYC, both now live and work in Montreal.