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The Friends of Durruti Group: 1937-1939

author: Agustin Guillamon
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"Revolutions without theory fail to make progress. We of the 'Friends Of Durruti' have outlined our thinking, which may be amended as appropriate in great social upheavals but which hinges upon two essential points which cannot be avoided. A program, and rifles." —El Amigo del Pueblo, No. 5, July 20, 1937. Spain 1936–1939: This is the story of a group of anarchists engaged in the most interesting of the faile revolutions of the 20th century. Essentially street fighters with a long pedigree of militant action, the Friends of Durruti used their own experiences to arrive at their analysis of the Spanish Revolution. In doing so, they laid down essential markers for all future revolutionaries. This study—drawing on interviews with participants and synthesizing archival information—is the definitive text on these unsung activists. This volume is translated, edited, and introduced by Paul Sharkey, acknowledged internationally as the foremost expert on the Friends Of Durruti Group.