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A Decolonial Feminism

128 pages
$24.91 (CAD)

A vital manifesto from one of our most inspiring political voices.

***Winner of an English PEN Award 2021***

For too long feminism has been co-opted by the forces they seek to dismantle. In this powerful manifesto, Francoise Verges argues that feminists should no longer be accomplices of capitalism, racism, colonialism and imperialism: it is time to fight the system that created the boss, built the prisons and polices women's bodies.

A Decolonial Feminism grapples with the central issues in feminist debates today: from Eurocentrism and whiteness, to power, inclusion and exclusion. Delving into feminist and anti-racist histories, Verges also assesses contemporary activism, movements and struggles, including #MeToo and the Women's Strike.

Centring anticolonialism and anti-racism within an intersectional Marxist feminism, the book puts forward an urgent demand to free ourselves from the capitalist, imperialist forces that oppress us.

Translated by Ashley J. Bohrer with the author.


What Are People Saying

"A vibrant and compelling framework for feminism in our times." Judith Butler

"Incisive ... an invitation to reconnect with the utopian power of feminism." Aurelien Maignant, Fabula

"A powerful work." Les Inrocks

"Develops a critical perspective on feminism to reconsider the conditions of possibility and purpose... resituates feminism in a truly political, emancipatory and critical dimension." Jean-Philippe Cazier, Diacritik

"Essential for highlighting the current divisions within feminist political agendas, and for collective reflection on a profound, radical transformation of society... Necessary reading." Axelle n219

"A powerful tool of social transformation." Djamila Ribeiro, Brazilian human rights activist and author of Nos, Madelenas: uma palavra pelo feminism (Fonte, 2012)

"A feminist narrative of how decolonization is a never-ending struggle!" Veronica Gago, co-author of A Feminist Reading of Debt (Pluto, 2021)

"Brilliant." Lola Olufemi, author of Feminism, Interrupted (Pluto, 2020)


About the Author

Francoise Verges is an activist and public educator. She holds a PhD in Political Science from the University of California, Berkeley, and is the author of many books including Resolutely Black: Conversations with Aime Cesaire (Polity, 2019), The Wombs of Women: Race, Capital, Feminism and Monsters and Revolutionaries: Colonial Family Romance and Metissage (Duke University Press, 2020, 1999).