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318 pages
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"The soft matrices of a nation eclate; an exploded diagram. This anthology redraws Canada as a complex terra incognita of desire and dismay" -- or so went the orginal blurb when this semiotext(e) compilation first came out in the 1990s.

Semiotext(e) CANADAs brought together over fifty writers -- activists, weirdos, counterculture types, revolutionaries -- to basically say where things were at with their scenes, their politics, and the country they were inside of. Notable mentions include Joe David and Milton Born With a Tooth, Marc Drouin and Julianne Pidduck, Jim Campbell and Michael William, and many others. Themes range from queerness to Indigenous resistance to armed struggle to culture jamming. And beyond

A period piece.

What People Are Saying

"Eco-feminism, censorship, and the 'queerness' of the True North. Richly eclectic in tone and material, unrelentingly controversial, and very difficult to ignore. It is likely the most novel take on our state of affairs in quite some time." — Michael Freeman, Venue magazine, Toronto.