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2019spiralcover-212x300The 2019 Slingshot organizers should be arriving in Canada in late October!

By far the most popular way for anarchists to stay organized, complete with mini-calendar, daybook planner, address book section,...

entanglementBoth aesthetically and politically, a beautiful political intervention exploring the philosophical and political underpinnings and implications of individualist trends in contemporary and historical anarchist theory.

Entanglement is a collection of five...


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WHEN: Thursday, September 20, 10am-6pm
WHERE: Concordia E.V. Building Atrium (1515 Rue Ste-Catherine W.)

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The Road Ahead and the Dialectics of Change

Price: $2.00 (USD)

The Hardcore/Punk Guide to Christianity

Price: $3.75 (USD)

The Friends of Durruti Group: 1937-1939

Price: $9.95 (USD)

The Prison-Industrial Complex and the Global Economy

Price: $3.00 (USD)

On Organization

Price: $3.75 (USD)

Mutual Aid and Social Evolution

Price: $2.25 (USD)

Que Se Vayan Todos: Argentina's Popular Rebellion

Price: $4.50 (USD)

Dear Motorist

Price: $1.00 (USD)

Leninism or Marxism

Price: $2.25 (USD)

Televisionaries: The Red Army Faction Story

Price: $10.95 (USD)