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Pink & Black Prisons + Sisters in Struggle

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Two interviews (on CD) from Guelph's Fierce and Fabulous Krew.

"Pink & Black Prisons" is an interview with Jason Lydon, who writes and maintains the website Black and Pink focuses on prioviding support to Queer and Trans prisoners in the United States, as well as, maintaining a monthly newsletter, a blog and an online store,, which sells Queer and Trans prisoners artwork to folks on the outside. Jason spoke on the eve of Prisoner Justice Day about what Black and Pink does to support Queer and Trans prisoners, issues they face inside the prison walls and what queer resistance to the Prison Industrial Complex looks like today and in the future.

In "Sisters in Struggle" we hear Faith Nolan talk about the struggles of working class women in Toronto and across Canada. She tells us about her work inside prisons, founding the land project Camp SIS (Sisters In Struggle), and her work integrating her struggles with those of Six Nations land defenders.

Faith Nolan is an Artist, Revolutionary, Queer, Women of Colour originally hailing from Nova Scotia and now living and agitating in Toronto, Ont. She is a composer and guitarist whose style varies from blues and folk, to jazz, with a taste of funk and reggae. You can find out more about Faith Nolan and listen to some of her music on her website