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The Women Incendiaries

author: Edith Thomas
274 pages
$21.60 (CAD)

For 72 days in 1871, the working class took control of Paris and began to run it for themselves. In that time, the world got a glimpse of what socialism would really look like—that the emancipation of the working class must be the act of the working class itself. The role women played during the Paris Commune 1871 is one of the most heroic chapters in the history of working-class struggle. Thomas' book recounts the incredible stories, supplemented with many first-hand references, of the courageous perseverance and ingenuity of women of Paris both fighting in defense of the Commune and actively developing a new society as equal participants within it. The inspirational story of women who played a leading role in the Paris Commune, one of history’s greatest moments of social upheaval. This is the first paperback edition of this vital, remarkable book.