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Upping The Anti #5

$13.50 (CAD)


  • Between a Rock and a Hard Place: Social Democracy and Anti-Capitalist Renewal in English Canada


  • The Fight for Feminism (Sunera Thobani)
  • The Tradition of Resistance, on Indigenous Anti-Colonialism (Gord Hill)
  • From the Perspective of Resistance (Michael Hardt)


  • Into a Black Hole: Tar Sands and Oil Production in Western Canada (Macdonald Stainsby)
  • Strength in Numbers? why radical students need a new organizing model (Caelie Frampton)
  • The Three Way Fight Debate, on Islam, Fascism and the Left, with Rami El-Amine and Michael Staudenmeier

Roundtable: You Can't Jail the Spirit

  • The Movement to Free Political Prisoners (Bryan Doherty and Tom Keefer)
  • Interviews with Ashanti Alston, Robert Seth Hayes, Susan Tipograph and Sara Falconer

Not to mention those ever-interesting book reviews and letters to the editor..