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Salvage #9: That Hideous Strength

256 pages
$24.95 (CAD)

Winter 2020 issue of Salvage, featuring Andreas Malm, Helen Charman, James Meadway, Tessa McWatt, and many others.

That Hideous Strength includes a major essay from James Meadway on the late David Graeber's political economy and the lessons in it for today's left, Tessa McWatt on the Black Lives Matter uprisings of 2020, Benjamin Kunkel on the 2020 US Presidential election, Judy Thorne on femme excess and its necessity for planetary liberation, Ben Davis on the politics of online, James Foley on Scotland's Covid-19 response, and Alex Billet on contemporary Los Angeles.

Richard Seymour is in conversation with Andreas Malm about his latest book, How to Blow Up a Pipeline, and poetry editor Caitlín Doherty interviews this issue's featured poet, Helen Charman. The artist of this issue is Stephanie Monohan, and the volume concludes with a haunting short story from Davinia Hamilton.


About the Journal

Salvage is a bi-annual journal of revolutionary arts and letters.

Salvage is written by and for the desolated Left, by and for those sick of capitalism and its planetary death-drive, implacably opposed to the fascist reflux and all ‘national’ solutions to our crisis, committed to radical change, guarded against the encroachments of ‘woke’ capitalism and its sadistic dramaphagy, and impatient with the Left’s bad faith and bullshit.

Salvage has earned its pessimism. There is much to be pessimistic about. Fascist politics have not enjoyed a better climate since 1945. The climate crisis is under way and bringing with it yet further fecund material for a reconstituted far-right. The organisation and militancy of the working-class continues to fray, as does the revolutionary tradition. Hope is still precious; it must still be rationed.

Yet, having yearned for our pessimism to be proved wrong, and been giddied by Evental shifts which allow for habitable outcomes to be war-gamed, Salvage is tentatively open to a more generous ration of hope.

Salvage, recognising that the catastrophe is already upon us, and that the decisive struggle is over what to do with the remains, is for a communism of the ruins.

Salvage is committed to publishing the best radical essays, poems, art and fiction without sectarian, stylistic or formal constraint. Salvage requires only that they cleave to liberation.

Salvage was founded in 2015 by Jamie Allinson, Charlotte Bence, Magpie Corvid, China Miéville, Richard Seymour and Rosie Warren.