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Red Skies at Night #3

82 pages
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Red Skies at Night is a journal of revolutionary strategy and praxis from out of the Pacific Northwest. They explain in their editorial in this issue:

Red Skies at Night was founded as a political project in the wake of the Occupy movement. We had been through an intense period of mass mobilizations, building and defending encampments, shutting down ports, and defending homes from eviction. Following this, there was an explosion of revolutionary collectives, organizations, and projects. It seemed that everyone from class struggle anarchists, to autonomist Marxists, to non-dogmatic Maoists were engaging in debate, building political forms, and seeking to regroup a revolutionary left in the United States. 

Our initial hope for this journal was to serve as a forum for that vibrant and developing milieu. We hoped that Red Skies at Night could be a place where schools of thought could contend and clarify themselves and each other through writte.n debate and discussion. Our (perhaps subjective) sense is that that is no longer the case. While organizations and projects still exist they seem more isolated from each other. There seems to be a lack of creative theoretical and strategic analysis about the revolutionary path from here to a free world. In short we cannot serve as a mere passive platform for a political milieu that no longer exists as it did. 

In future issues we intend to try to function more as a political center and as participants in developing a revolutionary left not as mere facilitators.


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  • Introduction - Editorial Collective

  • Anti-Imperialism and the U.S. Far Right by Matthew Lyons

  • Draft Working Document on Transformative Justice by Communities 

  • Organizing in Liberation, La Voz de [email protected] Trabajadores & LA General

  • Membership Branch of the Industrial Workers of the World

  • Occupy!: A Warning Shot and a New Beginning by Geoff & Em

  • Why Environmentalists Should Support Working Class Struggles by Stephanie McMillan

  • Look Toward Yenan by Shaka Zulu

  • No Shortcuts: We Need Strategy by N'Tanya Lee & Steve Williams

  • [email protected] Libearation and Indigenous Self-Determination by Joaquin Cienfugos

  • Letters: David Gilbert, Shaka Zulu