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Parable of the Sower

345 pages
Price: $15.00 (USD)

Parable of the Sower is a dystopian classic of terror and hope-the story of a Black teenage girl trying to survive in an all-too-real future -- from the "grand dame" of science fiction, Octavia E. Butler.

When unattended environmental and economic crises lead to social chaos, not even gated communities are safe. In a night of fire and death, Lauren Olamina, an empath and the daughter of a minister, loses her family and home and ventures out into the unprotected American landscape. But what begins as a flight for survival soon leads to something much more: a startling vision of human destiny...and the birth of a new faith, as Lauren becomes a prophet carrying the hope of a new world and a revoltionary idea christened "Earthseed".

A flash in the dark of our historical night, revealing a future not at all farfetched, which in turn illuminates our present.

Chilling and thought-provoking for adult and young adult readers alike, "...there isn't a page in this vivid and frightening story that fails to grip the reader" (San Jose Mercury News).