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Flights of Angels: My Life With the Angels of Light

author: Adrian Brooks
272 pages
$33.75 (CAD)

The Angels of Light were a genderfucking hippy performance troupe in the 1970s, growing out of the equally legendary Cockettes in San Francisco. Adrian Brooks was a pivotal member of the Angels; he was the author of many of their shows, and appeared in almost all of their productions during their heyday from late 1974 to 1980. In this vivid memoir, San Francisco in the 1970s comes to life as Brooks recounts the amazing stories of the Angels from behind closed doors, a book that is much about the politics of hippie experience in North America at the time. He also describes his early years as a Pennsylvania youth whose life is transformed by social and political activism: as a radical anti-war Quaker, as a volunteer for Martin Luther King, and later in New York's gallery scene, passing through Andy Warhol's circus before heading west, where the Angels made perfect, beautiful sense of the world. A memoir of the queer seventies counter-culture.