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4Strugglemag #18 Spring 2011

published by: 4strugglemag
46 pages
$6.75 (CAD)

The Summer 2010 issue of this prisoners' magazine, published by the Toronto Anarchist Black Cross


Global Struggle

  • Tunisia Rocked, Egypt Rolled, by Jaan Laaman
  • Tunisia: Multitude in Revolt, by David Cunningham
  • Egypt 'Frees Political Prisoners' from Al Jazeera
  • Israel's War on Children, by Jonathan Cook
  • Let Anti-Nuclear and Human Rights Campaigner Vanunu Go Free, by Steven Katsineris

Analysis & Reviews

  • Jericho Amnesty Movement to Free All Political Prisoners and Prisoners of War
  • On Political Prisoner Release Strategy, by Maliki shakur Latine
  • Understanding the Role of Prison Intellectuals, by Dennis S. Boatright
  • Gang Validation, by Steve Champion
  • New Afrikan Prisoners Domestic Crisis Intervention Initiative, by Kijana Tashiri Askari
  • Nationalism and Planetary Revolution, by Bill Dunne
  • To the Afrikan Intercommunalist Youth … Statement from the Central Committee of the Black Riders Liberation Party

Poetry & Prose

  • We All We Got…, by Shaunterias Transou
  • True Lies, by Thomas Bennett
  • Where We Are Going, by Marilyn Buck
  • i cried RECIPROCITY, by Akili Castlin

North American News & Updates

  • Oscar Lopez Rivera Denied Parole
  • Bradley Manning and Julian Assange, by Jaan Laaman
  • Brown Riders Liberation Party
  • Important Anti-War News, by Jaan Laaman
  • Call to Action
  • Subpoenas, by Lynne Stewart
  • Anti-War Leader Slams FBI Infiltration of Peace Movement, by Jess Sundin
  • Message from Leonard Peltier
  • Demand Leonard Peltier's Immediate Transfer to the Mayo Clinic!
  • The Trial of Land Defender, John Graham
  • J18 Update: Roger Clement Sentenced to 3 Years, 6 Months, 15 Days in Prison
  • Out of Jail, by Alex Hundert
  • Byron Sonne: Behind Bars since the G20 Summit
  • Former Anarchist POW Ojore Lutalo Settles Lawsuit for Unlawful Amtrak arrest
  • Georgia Prisoners Struggle, by Jaan Laaman
  • Still No News of 37 Missing Georgia Strikers, by Eugene Thomas
  • A Welcome Prison Victroy at Youngstown, by Dennis O'Hearn
  • The Scott Sisters' 'Debt to Society' and the New Jim Crow, by James