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“I think some folks, many folks… try to divide the concept of a mass response with a militant response. That it’s only possible to do one or the other. I think we really want to challenge that. We think that what’s needed is both. And that’s not easy…but that’s our goal.

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In his “Notes on Trump,” Bromma posits that the election of Trump and the accompanying rise of the far right are not simple accidents of history, nor the result of some...

23avril_2017_mtlFollowing the explicitly anti-Muslim demonstration held on March 4, on April 23 some of the same far right forces tried a different approach, calling for a demonstration against the governing provincial Liberal Party, taking care to not...

blackblocThere is a clear need for some critical thinking about the current approaches to these issues. Perhaps I am suffering from the excessive caution of old age – I wouldn’t mind being shown that was the case – but I’m afraid that our side...

Quebec’s Ministry of Immigration, Diversity and Inclusiveness faced allegations Tuesday of possible racial profiling and violating the constitutional rights of more than 500 international students whose French skills are the subject of an ongoing probe.

Read the rest of this post on the original site at ‘Racialized international students’ targeted by Quebec government language probe, group...

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