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We will be away until April 26th -- orders placed now may be delayed until then, but they will not be forgotten!

Certain Days Freedom for Political Prisoners Calendar 2019

Price: $15.00 (USD)

Re-enchanting the World: Feminism and the Politics of the Commons

List price: $19.95 (USD)
Price: $12.00 (USD)

Witches, Witch-Hunting, and Women

Price: $14.00 (USD)

Taking the Rap: Women Doing Time for Society’s Crimes

List price: $22.22 (USD)
Price: $18.00 (USD)

The Movements of Movements: Part 2: Rethinking Our Dance

Price: $29.95 (USD)

Free Inside: The Life and Work of Peter Collins

Price: $20.74 (USD)

Arsenal #10 (français)

Price: $3.70 (USD)

Class War, USA

Price: $19.95 (USD)

C.L.R. James and Revolutionary Marxism

Price: $19.95 (USD)

Events and Victims

Price: $6.95 (USD)

The Young C.L.R. James: A Graphic Novelette

Price: $6.95 (USD)

Kropotkin: The Politics of Community

Price: $24.95 (USD)