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lwwch_cover The term “white working class” captured much of the media analysis which sought to explain Trump’s meteoric rise and subsequent victory to the highest office in the United States. The obsession with polling and voting trends based...

15-lens-herman-bell-embed-blog480Last week the New York State Board of Parole granted Herman Bell release. Since the Board’s decision, there has been significant backlash from the Police Benevolent Association, other...


A number of books from Kersplebedeb (and other publishers!) are on special on the leftwingbooks.net website for the rest of the month of March, 25% off or more — some of the books on special...

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Austerity Apparatus

Price: $12.00 (USD)

Oil Politics: Echoes of Ecological Wars

Price: $20.00 (USD)

The Remedy: Queer and Trans Voices on Health and Health Care

Price: $14.03 (USD)

No More Heroes Grassroots: Challenges to the Savior Mentality

Price: $15.00 (USD)

Panthers in the Hole

Price: $20.00 (USD)

The Traffic Power Structure

Price: $12.00 (USD)

Rad Families: A Celebration

Price: $19.95 (USD)

What Is Anarchism?

Price: $14.95 (USD)

Left of the Left: My Memories of Sam Dolgoff

Price: $22.00 (USD)

Len, A Lawyer in History

Price: $19.00 (USD)

Rebellion in Patagonia

Price: $21.95 (USD)